The energy efficiency of each residence built by Cerra Homes is certified by a professional, independent testing company. For example, blower-door tests and duct-blaster tests are conducted and their results assure you of the exceptional green qualities of the home. The results are delivered to the local municipality where the home is being built, prior to obtaining the Certificate of Occupancy.

BLOWER-DOOR TEST: Standards show that the following are basic guidelines for ACH50 (Air Changes/Hour) results:

  • ACH50 less than 5.0 – Tight House
  • ACH50 between 5.0 and 10.0 – Moderate House
  • ACH50 above 10.0 – Leaky House

See the photo of test results from a residence recently built by Cerra Homes. Its blower-door test shows the home has 2.2 air changes/hour. This achievement exceeds the top level of the published rates.

And, with the way Cerra Homes constructs houses, the air changes are engineered to allow for the healthiest indoor air quality possible.

DUCT-BLASTER TEST: The document to the left shows results of a Duct-Blaster Test. It’s estimated that 30% or more of the air that moves through the ductwork of a typical home is lost due to leaks, holes and poor connections. Leaky ducts cause HVAC systems to work harder and longer than necessary, resulting in a loss of energy as well as higher utility bills.

A duct-blaster test pressurizes the HVAC system to measure the leakage and see how well the system is sealed. This report shows the results in a recently-built Cerra Home – a total duct leakage of just 4.9%.

Saving energy and money are not the only goals that have been achieved… comfort and excellent indoor air quality are assured as well.

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"I am a flooring consultant/sales representative who has worked with Don Cerra with Cerra Homes for a few years now. I have come to know and respect Don’s work as an energy-conscious builder and his commitment to his homeowner’s needs during the entire construction process. From a subcontractor standpoint, his main concern is ensuring the process goes as smoothly as possible for the homeowner as well as those he works with to get the job done, which is a great trait in any builder. I would recommend Cerra Homes to anyone looking for an exceptional experience."

Kelly C.

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