Why Settle for Anything Less than a Green Builder?

Don as Your Green Consultant

If, for some reason, you’re unable to have Cerra Homes actually build your home, you may want to engage Don for Green Consulting.

Perhaps you are building in an area outside of Cerra Homes’ geographical scope or you may be building in a community with restrictions as to which builders are allowed to construct homes in that location. Or, you may currently reside in a part of the country distant from where your new home is being built. In any of those cases, Don can help you achieve a distinctive, beautiful home that is eco-friendly and enhances your health.

Building green involves more than installing energy-efficient appliances, low-E windows and low-flow plumbing fixtures. Cerra Homes knows the best available solutions, the questions you might not think of and the potential pitfalls of not asking them.

Don can help you achieve a Distinctively Fine, Decidedly Green home that is eco-sensitive, and which supports your comfort, your health and your budget. Make Don your objective, experienced third-party resource.

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"We retained Don Cerra’s professional services as a consultant in developing custom specifications for the construction of our new house. Mr. Cerra’s sound and practical advice on building methods and materials helped us to prepare a set of specifications that more than met our objective of balancing energy-efficiency and cost-effectiveness with comfort. Don’s expertise enabled us to weigh options and decide priorities on an informed basis as we planned our project. We are delighted with the outcome."

Julie + Nick T.

Don Cerra Consulting

Some of the important consulting services are these:

  • Reviewing plans for green-specific opportunities
  • Developing a set of specifications that will deliver the highest benefits of green technologies
  • Helping you set budgets
  • Establishing timelines
  • Analyzing bids
  • Choosing materials
  • Overseeing the project and being your advocate on site
  • Monitoring the accurate implementation of the contract’s specifications

Your home is one of the most important investments you’ll ever make. You owe it to yourself to assure it’s the comfortable retreat that best fits your lifestyle.

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Building America Challenge Partner
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