Cerra Homes blends the latest innovations in green construction with the old-fashioned belief that anything worth doing is worth doing beautifully.

Distinctively Fine. Decidedly Green.

“Distinctively Fine. Decidedly Green.” It’s more than just a tag line. The two concepts can be intertwined beautifully as long as things are planned right, right from the start. The key is integrated design – before the project begins. With it, you’ll have a home that performs at its highest level – a sustainable home that delivers lower utility bills and superior indoor air quality. Without it, you may end up with a home that’s inefficient at best, unhealthy at worst. All the desired amenities and all the systems must be taken into account to make sure they are optimally working together.

Uncompromising attention to construction detail. It’s evident from the moment you walk through the door of a Cerra Home. The smallest details can, and often do, make a big difference. Fit and finish, craftsmanship, and the proper execution of technologies are vitally important. As a “hands-on” builder, Don Cerra is engaged in every aspect of your custom home’s construction.

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"You altered my perspective on what green building is about. I think I had a notion that it was about subscribing to a checklist… a model such as LEED or EarthCraft. I am starting to get that it is about a mindset – building a better home, one that is more efficient and healthier for the people living in it. There is no checklist for the combination of best practices, technologies, and third party services that you have assembled from this mindset and your experience. Thanks Don."

Ed M. of Lifestyle Systems, a whole house automation company

Don Cerra

Aiken’s Green Builder SM

Don Cerra, President/Owner of Cerra Homes, comes from a family of builders. Constructing architecturally-significant custom homes that are energy-efficient has been the focus of his professional life.

A pioneer in eco-friendly construction, Don brings to your building project the kind of green mindset that comes only with decades of experience. That experience began for him on a construction site at the impressionable age of 12. At that time, efficient construction methods were a hallmark of his father’s custom home building business in New Jersey.

As Don took over the business from his father in the 1980’s and later established it in Aiken, he continued to explore innovative methods for building sustainable, healthy, high performance homes, using cutting-edge technologies. A leader in his field, Don is committed to building environmentally-sensitive residences which raise the bar for indoor-air quality and are affordable to maintain. As Aiken’s premier green builder, Don’s eco-conscious homes reflect a passion for beauty and attention to detail. These are residences built with an aesthetic sensitivity that deliver green without compromise.

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Awards & Recognition

  • First builder in New Jersey to build an R-2000 super-insulated home. It prompted Owens-Corning to re-write their energy audit standards. Won the PINK award from Owens-Corning.
  • Winner of the “Good Cents” award from Jersey Central Power and Light Company.
  • Presenter at PATH (Partnership for Advancing Housing Technology) and LEED® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) seminars.
  • Recognized for implementing green technologies in homes built for Habitat for Humanity in Philadelphia and Burlington County, New Jersey.
  • Recognized for homes in South Carolina certified under the Department of Energy’s Building America program. Less than 1% of homes qualified.
  • Guest lecturer on green building technologies at the University of South Carolina in Aiken.
  • Trained in LEED® accredited practices.
Building America Challenge Partner
Building America Challenge Partner
Building America Challenge Partner
Building America Challenge Partner